Top Gun Cosplay Costumes Reviews

Top Gun Cosplay Costumes

Top Gun is an inspirational film produced by Paramount Pictures, directed by Tony Scott, starred by Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, and Fang Kimer. The film was released in the United States on May 16, 1986.The film tells the story of the US Navy pilot Medellin, who used his old pilot’s father as an idol, and after several sinks, finally rose up, drove the silver eagle, and crossed the blue sky, eventually becoming a good pilot.

Top Gun 2 Medellin Cosplay Costume

The protagonist of the film, the US Navy pilot, is the idol of his pilot’s father. Together with Gus, who is also a naval officer, he was sent to the artillery training base to receive the most rigorous training. In a training session, Guss left him because of a machine failure, and Medellin was depressed and even wanted to leave the army. However, under the persuasion of the instructor, he gave up this thought and finally rose up in the final assessment. He drove the silver eagle and crossed the blue sky, eventually becoming an excellent pilot.


Medellin is a very inspirational movie character. Many people want to play this role in real life.While buying Medellin Cosplay Costume is one of the ways.

When you purchase costumes for Halloween you’re never really sure what the quality will be, but this Medellin Cosplay Costume is a great surprise. The fabric is excellent and the plus size is not only true to size and large, it is also nice and long for tall people.

What consumers care most about is the material of the Cosplay Costume. However, you don’t need to worry about the quality of this Cosplay Costume. It is made of high quality materials.The materials include:Army Green Yarn Card, Army Green Satin Lining.

Besides,the perfect accessory will make you more like Medellin who in the movie Top Gun 2.This Top Gun 2 Medellin Cosplay Costume is worth having.Whether you are attending a family gathering or Halloween, wearing it, you will definitely attract a lot of people’s attention.