Do you want to be Queen Marlene Fussen in the Sleeping Curse?

Maleficent Marlene Fussen Cosplay Costume

 “Sleeping Curse” is a film directed by Robert Stormberg. The film is adapted from the 1959 Disney old-fashioned animated film “Sleeping Beauty”. The film reinterprets this pure fairy tale from the perspective of Marlene Fissen. The film tells the story of a beautiful and pure fairy who became cold and ruthless after a series of accidents, but was finally influenced by a human princess.

Maleficent Marlene Fussen Cosplay Costume

The Disney series seems to satisfy every girl’s beautiful fantasy of the princess’s dream. Marlene Fussen is like a special existence among many Disney princesses. At first she was as beautiful and kind as all the beautiful princesses, but she had to be herself because of frustration. The cold side shows self-protection, and under the encounter with the human princess, it reveals the soft inner heart of her cold appearance.

Marlene Fussen seems to be a character that can’t be annoying even if it is blackened. It is even more distressing. This is also the key point that causes everyone to resonate strongly. She is a princess and a queen. It is a passionate pursuit of many girls.

 Playing her most important thing besides her innate cool temperament and dark makeup, is her gorgeous cosplay costume.


Because of the character setting, Marlene Fussen’s makeup will be darker. You must pay attention to the eyebrows into eyebrows, the eyebrows are more obvious, in line with the character’s mean personality.The most important thing about the overall makeup is the eye makeup. Choose dark eyeshadow, dark brown or black smudge, which makes your eyes look sharp and sharp.You can choose a dark lipstick such as a cherries or aunt red.


Another distinctive feature of this character is that the horns on her head indicate the identity of her forest fairy, you need to choose a pair of black horns.

Marlene Fussen cosplay costume

The large black mopping skirt is made of Korean meteor shower cotton. The fabric is slightly shining, and there is a sense of honor and grandeur.The large petal-shaped stand-up collar brings out her queen’s temperament, and the cuffs and skirts are very wide, which makes the whole person look like a strong gas field.At the same time, a slim design was specially made at the waist, and the whole set of clothes can be very thin in a loose state.The collar on the neck is also black. In order to match the gorgeous design of the clothes, it is not so monotonous. It can also be seen that the neck is very slender.Check out our website:

In normal times, it seems that you have a hard time trying to try a role like a strong woman, and playing Marlene Füssen can let you experience the feeling of a queen, I hope her dress can bring you a different day.