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Why Rolex watches are so valuable? First of all I think it is related with the market regulation, as anyone who has bought watches before all know that, the price of Rolex is strong, you can get too much discount no matter where you are in any formal watch shops within the scope of world to buy a Rolex watch. Including the internal channels, discounts on Rolex watches are few and far between. New watch market price is strong, naturally the second-hand market price is stable. Secondly, Rolex product quality and after-sale service are guaranteed, this virtually added confidence to the secondary market. Plus the Rolex itself function is simple, accurate and durable, which is more to meet the needs of the consumers. And most importantly, Rolex product line is very stable, the several classic collections never do too much adjustment. New products are less, which means that the existing products are not eliminated, this is the most fundamental reason of the maintaining value of Rolex watches.

Based on the reasons above, the Rolex keeps the most valuable position in the watch industry. But not all the Rolex watches can achieve such extend, and the hot sales in the second hand market are basing on the Datejust and the Submariner watches, and the Daytona also can be a popular one. And normally, only the stainless steel watches models can maintain the value, and the golden Rolex watches have not the hot market on maintaining the value.

Rolex watches are renowned as luxury watches in the world. Rolex watches are popular not only for their quality but also for the status that is gained when you wear them. While the gold-equipped Rolex watch models are quite popular, other sporty models, such as the Daytona, Submarine, and Explorer series are also popular.

No matter it is the stainless steel Rolex watch or the golden Rolex watch, you can show your charm and prestige and confidence as long as you wear the Rolex watches, even though the replica Rolex watch which just cost you several hundred dollars or less, this is the charm and the success of Rolex watches.

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